Many of our senior lawyers have been with TPC Law since its early days, and have developed long-standing working relationships with TPC Law’s clients, many of whom we have seen through their incorporations, mergers, acquisitions, take-overs, restructurings, business developments, fund raisings, listings, divestments and trade sales. Our clients have come to expect not just quality legal service, but continuous and stable support from our solicitors. We regularly impress upon our newer solicitors to continue the tradition of acquiring a deep understanding of our clients’ business, needs and objectives, and building a long-term relationship of trust (and hopefully also friendship) with our clients, so that TPC Law continues to be our clients’ repeated and preferred choice of professional advisers.

Our Corporate & Commercial Department works in close synergy with the established law firms in the region on cross-border and multi-jurisdictional transactions to provide a ‘one-stop’ legal service to our clients.

TPC Law is on the panel of, and/or retainer with, all the local banks and several offshore banks, town councils, guilds, sports associations and business organisations.

For a detailed capability statement of our Corporate & Commercial practice, please contact the following Directors: