Our Real Estate & Conveyancing Department comprises lawyers who regularly act for buyers and sellers of commercial, industrial and residential properties in Singapore. In addition, our Real Estate & Conveyancing Department represents banks/financial institutions in their financing of these property transactions and also in the financing of working capital/trade financing /development and project financing. Our Real Estate & Conveyancing Department also acts for the Central Provident Fund (“CPF”) Board of Singapore in the utilization of CPF monies in residential property financing by the CPF members.

Our Real Estate & Conveyancing Department provides legal services to the Singapore Land Authority and also acted for the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore in the exercise of their powers of sale when property owners default in the payment of property tax.

Apart from the banking and conveyancing work, our Real Estate & Conveyancing Department acts for major local and foreign owners/landlords of buildings and malls in Singapore. Our Real Estate & Conveyancing Department assists landlords when buildings are acquired, or when vacant land are acquired, and then to assist the owners with the preliminary preparatory work to lease units within the building acquired or to be built, which includes the drafting of a check list of things to do, a term sheet of prospective tenants, effecting the necessary searches in regards prospective tenants, drafting of Letters of Intent, Letters of Offer, Lease Agreements, Deed of Assignments /Surrenders, and including enforcement of the Landlords’ rights when tenants breach or threaten to breach terms of a Lease.

Our team also assists landlords to terminate all the leases in a building for Re-development works (Asset Enhancement Exercises), and the re-leasing of all the newly re-configuration of the building’s premises.

Our Real Estate & Conveyancing Department also acts for managing agents of Management Corporations, managing agents of properties/buildings, Management Corporations, and advice in regards the Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act.

Our Real Estate & Conveyancing Department drafts/vets Management contracts, appointment of managing agents contracts, preparing Power of Attorneys for Asset owners for property agents to act on their behalf.

For a detailed capability statement of our Real Estate & Conveyancing practice, please contact the following Director:

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Chye Kit Min +65 6622 3819