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Why law? That’s a question that people often ask me during the course of conversations.

I stumbled onto law by chance in grade school when I was studying in Vancouver, Canada.  It was one of the most interesting subjects that I had come across; next to history and literature (I have no head for science, and mathematics can be so tedious).  Amongst these choices, it is hardly difficult to guess which degree my parents would prefer me to pursue at university level.  That’s how I ended up doing law in the University of Leicester, U.K. 

Law school was a breeze.  I credit this to my lecturers, whose humour and wit made the subject interesting, and whose love and excitement for the subject shines through their teachings.  And also to the friends I made there, who selflessly shared their notes and tutorial answers with me.

After graduation, I spent a couple of years doing general litigation. Litigation did not seem to agree with my friendly, easygoing nature.  Thus the switch to Corporate - to get away from the aggression and hostility that seems to permeate the practice of litigation.  At that time, I was told by a senior lawyer whom I hold in high esteem that corporate law would not suit me, as I would be bored by it all before long. 

It has now been a few years since the switch.  I still enjoy what I do, and am grateful that in this brief period, I’ve had the chance to work with corporate lawyers who are outstanding in their work.

My greatest gripe:         
Not spending enough time with my son (somehow, no matter how much time I spend with him, it never seems to be enough).

My dream:                    
To travel the world and experience the different cultures and life-styles of the locals.