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The lawyers in our Litigation & Dispute Resolution Department have acted for a variety of prominent clients in a broad spectrum of cases.


Commercial, Banking & Corporate Disputes

  • The President-Director of a prominent Indonesian corporation in a US$14.2 million tri-jurisdictional dispute involving US currency swaps, guarantees and forum non conveniens.

  • The transport automation division of a prominent European electronics company in a dispute over a travel information system being developed for Singapore’s public transport network.

  • In an ICC Arbitration, the Korean purchasers of a power boiler for a major power plant project in Thailand.

  • In an ICC Arbitration, German microchip manufacturers in a dispute over the development of sensor microchips for use in the automotive industry.

  • In an UNCITRAL Arbitration, the Indonesian owners and operators of a major telecommunications satellite in their US$5 million claim against a Taiwanese broadcaster.

  • A member of a Singapore group of travel and transport companies in its S$3-million dispute with the owners of a regional cruise line.

  • In an ICC Arbitration, a Singapore GLC in a US$900,000 shareholders’ dispute over minimum returns on an investment, jointly guaranteed by two Philippine companies.

  • In another ICC Arbitration, a Singapore GLC in a multi-million dollar dispute over the funding and non-completion of a seawater desalination plant project.
  • An Australian corporation in obtaining an urgent interlocutory injunction restraining a light aircraft from departing Seletar Airbase after briefly re-fueling in Singapore.

  • A Singapore public-listed company and its subsidiary in a US$3 million restitutionary claim brought by a foreign bank against its former private banker.
  • The former director of a Singapore trading company in a lawsuit by his former employers involving allegations of the mis-use / misappropriation of millions of company funds.

  • A very prominent member of the Malaysian Royalty in relation to several lawsuits involving forum non-conveniens and sovereign immunity issues.
  • One of the former partners of a rag-and-bone business in a protracted dispute between three brothers over assets worth some S$14 million, involving difficult issues of implied agreements, presumptions of equality, laches, and acquiescence.

  • An association and its wholly owned subsidiary that were defending a claim, and thereafter an appeal to the Court of Appeal, involving agency, quasi-partnership, implied terms and non-competition issues.

  • A foreign bank suing a fellow foreign bank on a letter of credit, eventually requiring the issuance of a Mareva Injunction.

  • A Singapore law firm in an action involving stakeholders' funds, and the entitlement to interest arising therefrom.

  • Acting for a Singapore Bank that held a security interest over cargo which was subject of a multi-jurisdictional dispute, pursuant to a multi-currency trade finance facility given to a borrower.

  • A former partner of a prominent Singapore accounting firm in his claim against his former partners for the wrongful termination of his partnership.

  • A wealthy German national in a trading joint venture dispute spreading across several countries involving fraud by his joint venture partner.

  • The second wife of a well known tycoon in a claim by his first wife for various high end properties involving questions of constructive and resulting trust, laches and acquiescence.

  • Several venture capitalists in successfully resisting the capital reduction of a large corporation involving issues of fraud. 

  • A local listed multinational company in a joint venture dispute with a large foreign corporation.

  • A local listed corporation in resisting a claim on a performance bond by a joint venture party.

  • A listed trust company in taking various will trusts of a wealthy family to court in order to resolve various complex issues.

  • Various foreign and local banks in respect of trade disputes and also the enforcement of securities amounting to several million dollars.

  • A local timber company in a shareholders’ dispute involving issues on minority oppression and breach of fiduciary duties.

  • A well-known Singapore listed company in an UNICITRAL arbitration against a Cambodian corporation involving a joint venture dispute arising from an agreement to construct and operate a brewery in Cambodia.

  • The local office of an American multinational corporation in a shareholders’ dispute, which eventually saw the claim against the client being struck-out.

  • Various local and offshore banks in debt recovery and enforcement of mortgages and other securities.

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Commercial Fraud And Asset Recovery

  • A European multinational company in respect of fraud committed by its employee involving the tracing of funds across different jurisdictions and the obtaining of a Mareva injunction with discovery beyond the doors of the largest local bank.

  • A Japanese electronics multinational that successfully sued its investment partner on a fraudulent investment scheme involving more than US$10 million.  Substantial recovery was achieved through the obtaining of Mareva injunctions and the tracing of funds across various jurisdictions.

  • In the largest fraud case of its kind in Singapore, a well-known Singapore listed company in respect of a fraud perpetuated by its ex-employee on a number of banks involving more than US$100 million.

  • A Singapore listed construction company in respect of a fraud concerning investments in excess of S$1 million in China.

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Construction / Property Disputes

  • A Hong Kong based construction company in its multi-million dollar claim against a Singapore statutory body in connection with the Biopolis Project at Buona Vista.

  • A District 9 condominium in enforcing its residents’ right of way over adjoining property located in the heart of Singapore ‘s shopping / residential district.
  • The owners of a private property in a well-known residential area of Singapore, in defending a claim for adverse possession made by their neighbours.

  • A Singapore listed company in its claim against the architect and main contractor of a large commercial building off River Valley Road for water leakage and other defects.

  • A statutory body in an arbitration over a project in Duxton Road for numerous large claims arising from variations, site and office overheads and disruption losses.

  • An architect in defending a defects claim by the management corporation of a large condominium that also involved the developer, main contractor, structural engineer and several subcontractors.

  • The management corporation of a Singapore development in a complex defects case against the directors and liquidators of a wound-up development company as well as the main contractor and architects.

  • A large Singapore plumbing contractor in its claims for work done and in disputing a reference to arbitration for defects and delay.

  • A public-listed subcontractor in its claim for certified work done against a public-listed main contractor involving complex questions of set-off in summary judgment proceedings.

  • A public-listed corporation formed by construction professionals against a claim for breach of duty in certification, involving extensive pre-action discovery.

  • An appeal against IRAS on the imposition of property tax on common property in shopping centres.

  • Various condominium, building and HUDC Management Corporations in claims for arrears in maintenance charges, damage to common property, incomplete / defective renovation works to the estate, obstructions to rights of way etc.

  • Various landlords and tenants alike in disputes over arrears in rental charges, forfeited deposits, damage to property, as well as other breaches of tenancy agreements in general.

  • A variety of contractors and sub-contractors in disputes over quantum meruit, unpaid progress payments, allegedly defective and/or delayed works, often having to deal with Quantity Surveyors and Professional Engineers.

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Corporate Insolvency / Restructuring

  • The Singapore trading arm of one of South Korea’s largest conglomerates against China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation Ltd (CAO), and its directors, in judicial management proceedings and an US$18 million lawsuit.

  • The judicial managers (and then liquidators) of a former leading corporation in the Singapore construction industry whose sudden insolvency left several major government-housing upgrading works unfinished.

  • The judicial managers of a Singapore telecommunications and connectivity provider whose insolvency has left its investors and former directors involved in major litigation in the Singapore courts.

  • The former directors of a well-known Singapore duty-free company in proceedings commenced by a liquidator, claiming various breaches of directors’ duties and negligence.  After the directors resisted the claims against them on technical grounds, and after they filed substantive defences in Court, the liquidator withdrew the lawsuit, paying them legal costs in the process.

  • The liquidators of a well known stock-broking company in disputing the security interest of letters of hypothecation issued to numerous banks.

  • A large European Bank against a claim by the liquidator of a large property developer involving complex questions of banking, set-offs and mortgagee sales in the context of an insolvency.

  • The receivers of certain properties owned by a local listed construction company in a dispute over receivables.

  • The liquidators of one of Singapore’s largest DIY furniture companies which went into sudden liquidation.

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Criminal Cases

  • The manager of a discotheque charged with contravening the conditions of her public entertainment licenses by permitting "bar-top" dancing. The implications arising from the case generated much public interest to the extent that a Parliamentary sub-committee and other sub-committees were set up to examine the present licensing regime.

  • The housekeeper of a local discotheque who had been charged for aiding and abetting the employment of an "illegal" foreign worker.  The client was acquitted after a three-day trial.

  • A major local shipyard in respect of criminal charges brought under the Factories Act for a flash fire that occurred onboard during repairs, resulting in the death and personal injury of several workers.

  • A well-known food manufacturing company in respect of criminal charges brought under the Factories Act for an industrial fire which occurred during the installation of new machinery resulting in personal injuries to a few workers.

  • A high net worth individual against prosecution for insider trading, market manipulation and corruption arising from the Citiraya Industries fallout.

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Employment Disputes

  • A variety of employers (both foreign and local) as well as employees in court actions and SIAC Arbitrations involving summary dismissal, retrenchment benefits, unpaid wages, breach of confidential information and restraint of trade.

  • A Chinese scientist in seeking redress against her former employers, who had refused to pay her salary after terminating her employment with notice.

  • An international headhunting firm against its former Managing Directors’ claim for damages arising from alleged wrongful / constructive termination.

  • A Texas-based oil company against its former employee’s claim for retrenchment benefits.

  • An international law firm against a claim for “unpaid wages” by a former local partner who had been summarily dismissed.

  • A multinational company in successfully obtaining an interlocutory injunction restraining an ex-employee from working for a competitor.

  • The former employee of a prominent Asian conference company in successfully defending the company’s claim of breach of confidence.
  • A real estate investment trust company in successfully enforcing a non-competition provision against its former employee.

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Matrimonial Disputes

  • A prominent Singapore ex-remisier in protracted and complex divorce proceedings as well as in a highly acrimonious custody battle for his two children.

  • The wife of a prominent Singapore businessman in divorce and custody proceedings. She received one of the largest matrimonial property and lump-sum maintenance awards that the Singapore Courts have made, to-date.

  • A United States citizen in obtaining a worldwide Mareva Injunction prohibiting her husband from dissipating matrimonial assets held in various bank accounts in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States, as well as an injunction against him from removing her three sons from Singapore to India.

  • A high-net-worth Singapore businessman in litigation against his estranged wife to recover more than a million dollars placed in her care before their marriage, and to remove caveats that she unlawfully placed on two of his multi-million dollar properties following the breakdown of their marriage.

  • A client who successfully prevented the division of his parents’ gift of shares, valued at S$2 million, before the appellate court in a matter involving division of matrimonial assets. 

  • The wife and partner of large trading partnership in successfully securing the entire partnership assets for her in a protracted matrimonial dispute.

  • A variety of husbands and wives in contested and uncontested divorce, custody, maintenance, and division of matrimonial assets proceedings in the Family Courts, the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

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Medical & Dental Malpractice / Negligence

  • A female patient in a medical lawsuit, who according to press reports, received Singapore’s largest settlement for surgical / post-operative negligence by a surgeon and hospital to-date.

  • An American patient who sued his urologist and who was awarded Singapore’s largest reported award of damages for negligent post-operative medical care to-date.

  • In a leading Singapore case on ‘causation’ in medical negligence, a patient who sued her general practitioner for failing to refer her to a specialist / hospital for emergency treatment.

  • A prominent Singapore hospital by striking-out a non-bona-fide medical negligence claim made by one of its patients, even before the filing of the hospital’s defence.

  • A prominent Singapore dentist in professional misconduct proceedings before the Disciplinary Committee of the Singapore Dental Council. 

  • A medical negligence suit brought by a remisier against one of Singapore’s most renowned LASIK surgeons.

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Shipping and Admiralty Disputes

  • An Indonesian corporation in obtaining an urgent interlocutory injunction restraining a ship from leaving port in Indonesia.

  • A major local shipyard in a ship-repair claim where the vessel was arrested in Malaysia and summary judgment was successfully obtained.

  • The salvors of a vessel and goods that had sunk in Indonesian waters in a dispute with the shipowners and various cargo owners involving common law salvage, negligence and fraud issues.

  • A local shipyard, in one of Singapore’s leading cases, where unconscionability was successfully argued as a valid ground to restrain a call on a performance bond or banker’s guarantee in a claim for wrongful termination of a shipbuilding contract.

  • An oil trading corporation in an international arbitration involving multiple claims and counterclaims over issues ranging from Platts’ disputes, laytime and demurrage, quantity / quality disputes, seaworthiness and negligence.

  • The cargo owners of goods carried onboard a vessel that sunk in international waters in respect of a claim against their insurers, involving disputes on letters of credit, insurable interests, loss and passing of title of the goods.

  • Various local and international banks in mortgage enforcement proceedings, including the arrest and sale of MV Saturn, MV Slavonija, MV Weser Star, MV Sunny One and MV Spring.

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Torts : Harassment / Nuisance / Defamation / Negligence

  • A prominent Singapore gynaecologist who had been severely harassed by his former clinic nurse.

  • The owners of a residential property that had been severely damaged due to piling works at an adjoining construction site, on which a condominium was being built.

  • A well-known Singapore model and fashion personality in a defamation suit against her ex-partner and a prominent women’s magazine.

  • One of Singapore’s most prominent options-trading trainers in defamation claims against his competitors and disgruntled former students.

  • A multinational travel & holiday group in defamation proceedings involving a prominent Singapore politician.

  • A Singapore law firm in their defamation suit against the directors of a company.

  • A publisher of well-known Singapore magazines in the marketing and human resource industries in several defamation suits filed against it.

  • A local shipping law firm in a case involving allegations of professional negligence and breach of contract in failing to protect their clients’ interests by filing a protective Writ and in allowing a vessel to be released from arrest.

  • A well-known food and beverage manufacturer in a dispute involving factory safety and personal injuries allegedly suffered by a foreign worker.

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