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“Shortlisted by AsiaLaw as
A Leading IP Firm in Singapore” in IP Profiles 2007
(a Guide to the World’s Intellectual Property Advisers)

“Shortlisted by AsiaLaw as one of the
Top 10 Intellectual Property Law Firms
in Singapore in 2006”


We advise on a broad range of intellectual property matters, including litigation, enforcement, management and transactional matters. A brief description of some of the work previously undertaken by our firm or its lawyers follows.

Corporate Intellectual Property Matters
  • Acted for the members of Music Publishers (S) Ltd (which comprise the major music publishing companies such as Sony, BMG, Universal, Warner and EMI) in the preparation of the agreement for the licensing of their music and lyrics for the 2006 Singapore Idol contest.

  • Advised a media company in connection with the exploitation of one of the most successful Singapore-produced films in history in jurisdictions outside Singapore which involved, inter alia, reviewing investment agreements, production house agreements and artist agreements.  Legal opinions were also issued relating to the financing and production of the Film and to the insurers relating to the use of the title of the film for a feature-length motion picture.

  • Advised a Singapore listed company on the possible infringement of a patent in Japan and “design-around” options.

  • Advised a Singapore listed company in entering into a patent licensing agreement with a US company relating to technology for the use of membrane/mechanical switches in electrical appliances.

  • Advised Music Publishers (S) Ltd in the preparation of (a) a licensing agreement relating to the new rights conferred on copyright owners pursuant to amendments made to the Copyright Act which took effect on 1 January 2005 and (b) an agreement for a joint licensing collaboration relating to telecommunications and digital downloads of music and lyrics.

  • Advised clients in the fashion, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and consumer goods industries on advertising regulations, labeling, safety and consumer protection issues.

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Intellectual Property Litigation and Enforcement

  • Represented the winning party in a complex IP dispute between the two largest “10-minute haircut” business chains in Singapore involving claims for inverse passing off, breach of confidence and conspiracy.

  • Acted for a major music publishing company in the controversy relating to the rights to a song released by a well-known local celebrity.

  • Acted for the largest video chain in Singapore in a successful defence to a claim for copyright infringement by the second largest video chain in Singapore. The matter was settled and the suit was discontinued.

  • Acted for a Singapore bank in a successful application to the World Intellectual Property Organisation dispute resolution panel for the transfer of a domain name to our client.

  • Conducted the prosecution of a leading local celebrity for the public performance of karaoke videos without a licence. The case received extensive media coverage and was eventually settled.

  • Conducted a successful defence to a claim for patent infringement in the first patent case in Singapore in which the validity of the patent in suit was challenged.

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Management of Intellectual Property/ Franchising/ Trade Mark Registration

  • Managing the global trade mark prosecution portfolios of several Singapore listed companies as well as SMEs.

  • Acting for Recording Industry Performance Singapore Pte Ltd (“RIPS”), which is a collective licensing body representing the major sound recording companies in Singapore such as Sony-BMG, Universal, Warner and EMI. RIPS is empowered to exercise the rights of the record companies with respect to the public performance of karaoke and/or music videos, and reproduction of karaoke and/or music videos on Karaoke-on-Demand (KOD) computerised systems.

  • Advising a Singapore listed company on an on-going basis on IP issues relating to their advertisements and promotions.

  • Advising corporations on various intellectual property protection strategies and tactics for their business, including brand protection and development strategies.

  • Advising corporations on various intellectual property issues relating to employees.

  • Conducting due diligence of intellectual property portfolios and advising companies thereon.

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