If you want to join us (as a Lawyer) you should:

  1. Know the Law very well
    Clients come to us for legal advice. No matter how good our marketing is, or how nice a guy you are, if you do not know the law, you are no use to the client. As we handle a lot of cross border transactions, sooner rather than later you should also be familiar with the laws of other jurisdictions (e.g. Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, New York, etc.).

  2. Be prepared to continue learning
    You will soon discover that practice is different from Law School. Your academic achievement does not adequately prepare you for dealing with a client's real problems. And as the law is constantly evolving, you must be prepared to continue learning all the time to be able to fully service your clients.

  3. Have the capacity to work very hard
    If because of the fact that you were not breastfed at birth or whatever, you naturally get tired at 5.30pm sharp; or no matter how much coffee is pumped into you, your eyes cannot remain open after 12 midnight, we probably are not the firm for you.

    Having said that and notwithstanding that our clients (like all clients) are demanding, because of the very high level of cooperation amongst our lawyers and the fact that we have an Info-Bank in our Firm, our lawyers do not have to burn midnight oil regularly and, on average, are able to go home by 6.30pm at least twice a week! We would like to think that for the kind of work we do and for the kind of experience our lawyers are able to pick up, we actually run a very humane organisation!

  4. Have a decent personality
    We firmly believe that you cannot uphold the Law and be of service to your client unless you have a very strong instinct (helped by 4 years of Law School) as to what is right and wrong, and what justice is all about. To achieve this you should have a decent personality. You should also be able to work as a team and make friends easily. We have, to a very large extent been able to convert many of our clients into friends, and this is a very important aspect of our Firm's philosophy.

  5. Be someone we would take mountain climbing
    In our brave new world, the practice of law can be hazardous (once you are in practice you will understand what we mean). We take a long term view and every lawyer we employ should have the potential to be a partner in due course. As a partnership can sometimes be worse than a marriage, we would not invite somebody to be a partner unless he or she is a person with very strong character, somebody who will not abandon his partner or cut the rope when the crunch comes; somebody we would climb a mountain with.

  6. Possess good management skills
    As mentioned, we expect our young lawyers to be partners when they are good and ready. At which point you will have to manage your own team of lawyers, etc. But even before then, we expect our lawyers not only to give good legal advice, but also to manage our clients' matters on a holistic basis (be it a litigation matter, a conveyancing transaction or a very complicated cross border deal). Therefore, we call our lawyers "Managers", rather than Associates or Legal Assistants.

  7. Not be too calculative
    Even though you have worked very hard on a file and burnt midnight oil, clients may still request for a discount on your bill or be penurious and not be able to pay for your good work. We want to build a Firm that is compassionate, where our quality of work is not dependent on how much a client is able to pay. As such we are looking for lawyers who do not measure everything strictly in terms of dollars and cents or time cost.

  8. Have a good sense of humour, able to take intense pressure
    Generally, people who have a sense of humour, are able to cope under intense pressure better than people who don't. But even if you are not a Bob Hope, Jim Carrey or Gurmit Singh, because we have a relatively fun and highly intelligent (-you need a certain intelligence to make appropriate jokes!) group of lawyers and staff, the tension in our Firm is never too high.

    We also never tolerate anybody, including Senior Partners, losing their tempers, shouting at people or being rude or unkind to their colleagues.

If you have the above attributes, and would like to work in a relatively humane and fun law firm please send us your Curriculum Vitae. If you are a client and would like to work with lawyers who have the above attributes, please do not hesitate to contact us.